The DEFI Of Future

first bep 20 deflationary Token for payment system and
Fund asset management and for charity purpose for endangered animal

Idea behind the project

According to National Geographic, some 200.000 lions roamed across Africa a century ago. Today, there are less than 21000. In Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary there are 650 lions living only (Last census was in 2017). So our Team has decided to dedicate this token's name to The King of the Jungle. This token will not only use as defi financial platform but also a charity token. A profit percentage of our token will go for saving endangered animals for better future of our nature. We want to contribute in our nature's stability and our solution is the LION token for it.

Our Roadmap

Our milestones we are going towards rapidly to achieve that

Currently Our Project In Pre IDO Phase

Soft Cap

100000 USDT


Total token created

1 Million Only

Hard Cap

200000 USDT

About Us

Legendary Lion token ($LION) is a token that uses BEP-20 technology. Legendary Lion is fully integrated into the DeFi ecosystem on BSC, meaning our native token is usable on any third party BSC DeFi protocol. This is a DeFi platform specialized in crypto financial derivatives. Our team consist of some honest hardworking people who not only wanted to make a good DeFi site but also wanted to do something for our nature.

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